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Workshops & Presentations

Coping with Change


Dr. Derek Vigon presented a workshop on Coping with Change as part of Stronger Together, the A-10 Series on Mental Health for the NCAA Atlantic Conference.  Click here to watch his presentation.

Mental Health and Performance in Sailing


Dr. Tim Herzog delivered a webinar on Mental Health and Performance as part of the US Sailing's Starboard Portal Series.  Click here to listen to his presentation.

Optimizing Sleep and Self-Paced Training for Sailing


This webinar was delivered as part of the US Sailing's Starboard Portal Series.  In it, he addresses why sleep is important to performance and general functioning, provides tips for sleep optimization, and discusses the Reaching Ahead Mental Performance regimen. 

Run Farther and Faster


Dr. Lager was one of the speakers at the 10-year "Runiversary" of Run Farther and Faster, a running organization in northern Virginia.  The event, which was held in February 2020, provided education, resources, and support to distance runners.  Dr. Lager spoke on mental strategies for runners to implement to get the most out of their race.

Thriving in a Crisis


Matt Sughrue delivered a webinar for Golf Globally that centered on how copetitive golfers can use their time during a national pandemic to feel better about themselves, think better, and perform better.  He teaches a 6-part program to thrive that centers on specific strategies that can be used during crisis,  To learn more, click here.

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