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Current Projects

Athlete Transition Study

Zimet, Iannone, McDuff, & Herzog

The Athlete Transition Study (FTS) investigates the experiences and outcomes of retired collegiate and professional football players and other elite athletes.  The goal of this survey is to more definitively understand the quality of an athlete’s retirement, what circumstances and factors contribute to various retirement outcomes, and which interventions and people are utilized as support systems.  The ATS takes a whole-person approach, addressing cognitive, emotional, physical, social, occupational, financial, behavioral, and overall well-being outcomes.  Developed through the volunteer efforts of applied Sport Psychologists, it is our intention to educate fans, media, and sport institutions about the retirement experience and lives of football players to better inform resources and treatment programs.  We hope this research offers a venue for athletes to share their wisdom, and for consumers of sport an opportunity to understand what actually happens during and after the career of an elite football player. For more information about the ATS, please contact Dr. Daniel Zimet at

Coaching Effectiveness: Perceptions of Female Collegiate Athletes

Iannone & Vigon

This research study is investigating female collegiate athletes' perceptions of coaching effectiveness and gender differences in coaching across dimensions such as communication, motivation, leadership, and team cohesion.  Data will be used to better understand the needs of female athletes and support coaches in meeting those needs.

COVID-19 Impact on Collegiate Athletes

Iannone & McDuff


The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in several negative outcomes for collegiate athletes.  This series of research studies seeks to better understand the impact of the pandemic on collegiate athletes mental health and well-being as well as the factors that impact their upcoming seasons.  Data will be used to develop programming and resources to support athletes as they return to play.

Mental Performance Training for Sailing/Sports


Dr. Tim Herzog is currently launching an online self-paced training.  The training consists of about 20 hours of lectures, prerecorded discussions, and worksheets/drills for training 12 mental skills essential for optimal performance in competitive sailing, in other sports/performance domains, and in life.  Click here for more information.

Mindful Sport Performance Podcast

Kaufman & Pineau

The Mindful Sport Performance Podcast is now available on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other major directories.  In this podcast, Drs. Keith Kaufman and Tim Pineau of the MSPE Institute discuss various topics related to mental training, mindfulness, peak performance, and optimal experience.  They offer practical tips and exercises from their own work, and interview other top-level experts to highlight effective approaches to performance enhancement.

Psyching Team - Marine Corps Marathon

Lager, Iannone, & Kaufman

Led by Dr. Jennifer Lager, three members of the MAC-SAPP served on a team of sport psychologists and mental performance consultants to offer race support to runners in the 44th Marine Corps Marathon held in Washington DC. This was the first year that a psyching team was established at the Marine Corps Marathon, and the efforts were well received.  Plans are underway to continue the Psyching Team in 2020.  Learn more...

QPR Gatekeeper Training for Suicide Prevention


Dr. Iannone is certified by the QPR Institute in Seattle, WA to conduct gatekeeper trainings to help prevent suicide.  This 90-minute program teaches participants how to recognize the warning signs of suicide and how to open up a conversation with someone who they are concerned about.  Importantly, gatekeeper training also teaches participants what to do when someone confirms that they are thinking about hurting themselves.  This important training provides athletes, parents, coaches, and other athletic personnel with important information and skills that could ultimately save a life.  For more information about bringing QPR Training to your program or organization, please contact Dr. VJ Iannone at

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