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Jennifer Lager, Psy.D.

McLean, VA

(703) 244-9656

Accepting New Clients/Teams for Private Practice?


Jennifer Lager, Psy.D. is the owner of GAME- Get A Mental Edge, a McLean, VA based business that provides performance enhancement/sport psychology services to athletes, coaches, and corporations. Her interest in the field developed out of her experience competing on a national level as a springboard diver in high school and college. Since then, Dr. Lager has facilitated workshops for coaches, athletes, and businesses in her community on many different aspects of performance. She has worked with individuals and groups at the junior, amateur, professional, and Olympic levels in various sports. She is licensed as a Clinical Psychologist by the Commonweath of Virginia, and is a member of the Virginia Psychological Association and the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP).

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