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The mission of the Mid-Atlantic Consortium for Sport and Performance Psychology (MAC-SAPP) is to collaboratively stay apprised of; contribute to the development and dissemination of; and promote innovative approaches and evidence-based practices among professionals and consumers in the field of sport, exercise, and performance psychology.

MAC-SAPP members meet quarterly for general meetings.  Members also have the option of attending monthly peer case consultation groups.

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MAC-SAPP is open to accepting new members. Eligible parties must meet the following criteria:

1.     Be a licensed mental health provider (i.e., Psychologist, Psychiatrist, LSW, LCPC, or similar title) OR be eligible to apply for a license in Maryland, DC, or Virginia (e.g., met education, supervision, and training requirements).

2.     Be established in the field of sport psychology, such as having graduate training or experience working with athletes and athletics as a coach, performance enhancement specialist, therapist/clinician, athlete, researcher, trainer, medical provider, or teacher of Sport Psychology or a related field (e.g., Kinesiology).

If interested and eligible, contact MAC-SAPP

Sport Psych Careers Live Q&A

Are you interested in a career in Sport Psychology, but are unsure about how to get into the field?  If you are a student or considering/aspiring to be a Sport Psychologist or Sport Psychology Consultant, consider attending MAC-SAPP’s Q&A sessions on careers working with athletes and performers.  Sessions are free, live, conducted over video teleconference, and will be held periodically throughout the year (frequency is TBD).

If interested, click the "REGISTER" button.  Someone will reach out to notify you of the next upcoming session.  For more info, click the "FLYER" button.

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MAC-SAPP is an informal group of independent mental health and sports performance consulting service providers that collaborate with each other about industry best practices, discuss research findings and consult with each other to better serve their individual clients and grow their practices. In addition, MAC-SAPP members share expenses to maintain this website which has been established solely to advertise their individual and independent services to prospective clients.

Although we consult each other professionally, none of the practitioners listed on the MAC-SAPP website is the corporate or partnership affiliate of any other practitioner. No opinions or advice provided by any practitioner listed on this website is attributable to any other practitioner on this website. Should you engage any professional listed herein, you will be engaging that professional in his or her individual capacity and will not become a client or patient of any other professional or MAC-SAPP.

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